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The Get Well Soon Treatment serves primarily as a front-line defense against colds and flus. It’s beneficial for times where you don’t feel quite right – when what your body needs is to detox – but it’s more than just that.

Our bodies are finely tuned machines and we’re so used to them performing as we want, that we sometimes don’t give them the TLC they so often desperately need. The Get Well Soon Treatment not only addresses illness, but also other symptoms that can accompany them or present on their own such as pain, inflammation or poor circulation as well as the effects of stress, depressed immune systems, and the influence of negative emotions.

The Get Well Soon Treatment utilizes specific high-grade essential oils, gentle heat, and restorative massage/bodywork to help your body gain a foothold in it’s fight against any of the myriad of issues that could be keeping you from living your life at 100%.

Take a few moments to watch this short demonstration video that will give you an idea of what the session looks like, with a few testimonials at the end of clients who have experienced the healing benefits of The Get Well Soon Treatment.

If you’re wondering if The Get Well Soon Treatment is right for you (it probably is!) feel free to:


George (on right): Hi, I’m George with The Pain Relief Center and this is Kevin, and today we want to talk to you a little bit about this new technique that Kevin’s been using called The Get Well Soon Treatment. So, what does that mean?

Kevin (on left): So… Get Well Soon….it means exactly that. It’s a treatment for helping you get better when you’re sick or not feeling well – under the weather – maybe a little flu season.

G: So, if like someone’s starting to feel a little itchy, scratchy throat…

K: Come on in… you’ll get well soon.

G: And how about if someone’s already sick?

K: Not a problem! That’s also a great time, it’ll help you recover a little bit faster and get you through the cold.

G: So tell us a little bit about how this actually works…


(Part 1: The Essential Oils)

K: So it’s pretty easy. I have nine different essential oils that I use up and down the spine. Almost all the oils are either antimicrobial or antibacterial and then some of them are antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory…they get rid of inflammation and they help the muscles relax. The last oil we use is an oil called Orthoease. Orthoease is fantastic for the joints and bones but it also helps push the rest of the oils into the muscles and into the spine

G: So what it the oil actually effecting?

K: The oil is affecting the whole body. It’s presented as affecting the Central Nervous System but it’s very beneficial for the whole body…it soaks into the muscles, it soaks into the skin, and even gets into the joints.

(Part 2: The Massage Strokes)

G: So you’ve applied the oils, now what do you do?

K: Now I use the feather stroke, with deeper strokes, to help push the oils into the body. The feather stroke is the main stroke and the purpose is to help mix and spread the oils helping them to all work together.

G: Oh that smells really good!

K: The combination of all the oils is probably one of my most favorite smells. The scent is just as important as the oils themselves, which is why aromatherapy is so effective.

(Five deeper strokes are used with specific oils)

(Deep Stroke #1)

K: This stroke is a push/pull stroke. It’s where I’m pushing and pulling the muscles away from the spine. It’s also one of the very first bodywork strokes within the treatment.

(Deep Stroke #2)

K: So now we’re running the length of the lamina groove, which is the space in between the muscle and the spine. This creates space not only between the muscle and the spine, but also helps to open up the joints.

(Deep Stroke #3)

K: In this one we’re gonna to do what’s called a thumb roll. We’re gonna thumb roll all the way both sides of the spine.

(Deep Stroke #4)

K: This time were going to use a circular motion stroke to help push it in to the body…all the way, even out into the ribs and the scapula and into the shoulders.

(Deep Stroke #5)

K: This motion is really to create heat. And I’m starting to heat up the area a little more. It really spreads all the oils, mixes them, and creates a good amount of heat. And then we’re going to place a heat pack, and that will help the body help soak it in even better… at a faster rate.


(Part 3: Applying The Heat)

K: So this just a heat pack… I’ve warmed it up in a little heater that I have. I’m going to cover it up with a towel to keep the heat in, and then jostle the body a little bit… Now I’m going to let it soak it and as I let it soak in, we’re going to work on the legs.

(The legs are massaged then the heat pack is removed)

K: You see there’s some little bumps that look like bites? This is all part of the detox of the body. After the oils have started to soak in, the body’s starting to pull out toxins and get rid of them and this is part of that process. It’s different for everybody. So some people this might happen to…some people their skin just might get red…some people might not have any reaction at all.


So this is the end of the Get Well Soon Treatment. We’re gonna roll her over and we’re going to do a little more bodywork… but we’ve added the oils, we’ve heated the body up.. let them soak in…and the rest depends on how much time we have to work with you.





G: So this is Jenn…she was our model for the Get Well Soon Treatment, and I just wanted you guys to hear from her how she’s feeling. This is about 10, 15 minutes or so after the treatment… and how are you feeling?

Jenn: I feel really good… a little bit lethargic but in a good way. I feel energized as well. So all over good feeling.

G: So maybe tomorrow we’ll talk to you again and see how you felt 24/48 hours later.


(The Next Day)

G: OK, so it’s the day after the treatment you just saw and we’re back with Jenn…how do you feel?

J: I feel really good. I slept very deeply last night…so it was amazing.

G: And did you have any side effects?

J: No.

G: How did you feel?

J: I felt really relaxed. I didn’t feel sick at all and I felt really good.

G: And so how do you feel today?

J: Today I feel great… I feel normal… like back to normal 100%

G: Great…Great… so would you recommend this to people?

J: Yes, very much so actually.

G: So you weren’t really, really sick though….

J: I was beginning to… you know when you kind of feel it coming on? So I didn’t have like a full-blown… full-blown cold or flu that, you know, a lot of people are having these days …or currently. So I feel really good and I’m fortunate ‘cause I can’t afford to be sick. So that was a really helpful treatment… I highly recommend it.

G: So you feel like it kept you from getting sick?

J: Yes… yes

G: Great…well good, so glad you’re feeling better!

J: Thank you!



G: Hi, this is Greg. And a week or so ago he had a Get Well Soon treatment… and so how did that go? What were you feeling like before you actually got the treatment?

Greg: Well I was, you know, pretty run down and I sort of almost felt like I was getting a little cold and I had no energy. But the next day it was like energized…felt really good…good feelings…and didn’t feel like I was going to be sick at all!

G: What did you think about the whole experience?

Greg: Well, it was pretty amazing. Besides getting the massage, all these different oils that they use, you could feel… you could feel the toxins right away leaving your body.

G: And how did you feel like right after the session?

Greg: I felt all the toxins being release through my body, so that was a little daunting. I did have to go to the rest room a lot and I drank a lot of water. But the next day it was like energized, felt really good… good feelings… and didn’t feel like I was going to get sick at all.

G: So did you think it was beneficial?

Greg: Oh definitely. I would definitely do it again any time I felt low energy or if I felt like I was going to get sick.   Mine was, uhm, kind of hard after having the massage and detoxing, but when all that detoxing was over I felt amazing!


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