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About Us

Every client comes to The Pain Relief Center with his or her own unique history and requirements. One of our strong points is the ability to determine the best way to help you resolve the pain you’re suffering with. To do that we work with you to develop a hands-on strategy, using all the tools at our fingertips for the most effective and efficient results possible.

While massage is part of our work, what we specialize in isn’t simply massage… it’s Integrated Modalities Bodywork (IMB), The Pain Relief Center’s own exclusive brand of Therapeutic Bodywork. If you’re living with myofascial pain issues, then IMB is just what you’re looking for; we use a host of tools – physical, energetic, technological, and herbal – to find the root sources of and to balance your conditions, whether they be muscular, postural, structural, or energetic.

We recognize that massage is not always the complete answer to resolving pain or combating illnesses. Sometimes incorporating other treatment modalities into your treatment plan is the very thing that helps. Modalities such as Physical Therapy, Chiropractic, and Acupuncture in conjunction with Massage Therapy can be just what the doctor ordered. Although The Pain Relief Center does not currently offer these other modalities if you’d like to incorporate them as part of your treatment plan we have a solution. We have numerous therapist that specialize in these other modalities that we are happy to refer to.

Essential oils have been a part of healing for generations; we’re talking thousands of years. They were used in all the ancient medicines, including Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) and Hawaiian Medicine, and have been a part of everyday life throughout history. Essential oils have been shown to help support the proper function and healing of every body system. Obviously, they’re not magic. Essential oils don’t cure but they do support the body’s natural ability to cure/heal itself.

At The Relief Center recognize that using the most natural and holistic approach is the way of the future. For this reason, our therapists and patients are known as Modern Healers. Patients and therapists work together to find the best solutions for the healing of their bodies.

As Modern Healers at The Pain Relief Center, we specialize in combining an extensive knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology, a refined sense of touch, and a few secrets from Traditional Chinese Medicine, a vast understanding of essential oils, some modern technology when needed, and a connection to source energy to find the root problems and eliminate them.

The Pain Relief Center is THE #1 PLACE to get you moving again and feeling better in your body!

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