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Ali R.

The Pain Relief Center is my favorite place to get rid of all my body aches and pains. I have some pretty serious body issues from a couple accidents I’ve been in. I may walk up to their steps in pain, but when I walk down I am amazed at the difference 2 hours make. I choose to get worked on so long because after the first hour I can tell there’s a lot more to be worked on and I want to feel 100%. It’s literally the best massage I have ever had in my life! Everyone is down to earth and friendly and it has a ‘homey’ feel that makes me comfortable from the moment I walk in. Side note: this cute little oasis is located behind a rather unattractive moped shop…the first time I went I was a little thrown off, but the 30 second walk past that is a hidden garden with a quaint entrance. There are businesses that we go to and then there are special  places we go. Kevin and George are both amazing bodyworkers, massage therapists, and beautiful human beings! Can’t say enough about this business Just go! Best Massage in Honolulu!!!

Sandy M.

After months of ongoing stress, my back muscles became so sensitive and tight that it ached to lie down.

As George worked on my back, I was puzzled as to why he started on an area that wasn’t sore. He explained that nerves, muscles and pressure points in one area of my body have a direct impact elsewhere. When he pressed on a muscle, I could feel a release of pressure in another part of my body. His knowledge of anatomy and physiology helped him visualize the problems in my back. He knew exactly where to apply the appropriate pressure to relieve the painful area.

Although the stress in my daily life has not diminished, regular massage therapy has helped keep my back muscles loose.


Kevin is the best! I just came here for hip pain and pain from a surgery. I had Gua Sha and Cupping done. He was so nice and explained the different techniques and how/why they helped. Also was concerned for patients wellbeing and asks if there’s pain or too much pressure. Great place for massage!!!! Will definitely go again!

Michael B.

I went to see George Davis at the Pain Relief Center to get some help with my calf and Achilles problems. I was very happy with my appointment. George understood there were layers of problems that were causing my issues and was very good at pinpointing them and helping them release. He had good communication throughout to make sure I was ok with the intensity and that he was in the right spots. His approach and style of addressing my problems were exactly what I was looking for. I will definitely be going to see George again to work on some others areas that I had previously decided I was just going to live with.

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Wendy A

“We all know that to fix a body problem sometimes it takes a few “corrections” to fix it. Each visit gets your body closer to optimum. We also know that every specialty has distinct strengths. So I’m going to suggest that maybe the better way to get your body happy is to take advantage of the different strengths of acupuncture and massage therapy…it certainly worked for me. It usually takes a few weeks for a recurring problem to be banished. This time I had one acupuncture visit with Jon and a targeted massage with George and today I’m feeling NO pain (no alcohol involved)! Believe it or don’t, if you have a body ache or pain, you should try this combination approach to solve it.”

Jean S

Thanks to George and Kevin I can (finally!) raise my arms all the way over my head!!!!! George’s laser treatment combined with massage did the trick! I’m going back for more — and a laser treatment on the broken bone in my foot, too!

The Experience

People often wonder about the difference between massage and bodywork. While massage is a component of bodywork, bodywork goes beyond massage in that it incorporates different knowledge, tools, and ways in which the person receiving the work is involved. One of the main differences involves how deep the work is and, especially, the journey both the therapist and the client travel to get there. Check out our blog for more information.

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