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When you’re dealing with myofascial pain, it’s reasonable to expect that your focus is on the issues you can feel – the pain in your neck or shoulders, the inflammation in your knee, the stiffness in your back, etc, etc, etc.

But, as Bodyworkers who believe we’re all more than just physical beings, we understand that there are always energetic components to pain – regardless of its origin.

Our bodies are powered by energy – from the physiological and biochemical processes that keep us alive and moving, to the more spiritual, psychological, and emotional attributes that make us who we are. Disrupt any of these and your body will have some sort of reaction. Injury, trauma, stress, anxiety, emotions… they can all have negative impacts in their own specific ways.

At The Pain Relief Center we look at all aspects of a person’s pain, both physiological and energetic. We treat physiological components like trigger points and restrictions in the fascia with effective hands-on manual methods. We treat the energetic components with both physical methods, such as those in Traditional Chinese Medicine, as well as with less tangible modalities.

This blog will tell you more about the less tangible techniques we use to effect the energetic issues that all of us face – regardless of whether we’re healthy or injured.


Our Energywork

We utilize two different energywork practices; Reiki, which is a technique of Japanese origins, and Ho’omanaloa, which comes from a Hawaiian lineage.

Both of these techniques utilize symbols that can be drawn, both on paper and in the mind. The symbols themselves don’t hold any special power; rather they are tools that help the practitioner focus energy in order to facilitate the natural healing processes, be they physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual.

The word Reiki is derived from two Japanese words; rei (meaning higher/spiritual power) and ki (meaning energy). Loosely translated the word means “spiritual life- force energy).

There are five traditional symbols, but only three of them are used specifically to manipulate the flow of Qi (or life energy) in order to promote healing. Each symbol focuses on unique aspects of a specific energy and can be used by itself or in combination with other symbols.

  • The first symbol increases or decreases power and is used as a catalyst for healing;
  • The second symbol is for harmony and is used to restore the body’s spiritual equilibrium;
  • The third symbol is used to send healing energy across long distances and is essential when working on inner-child or past-life issues;
  • The fourth and fifth symbols are used in the attunement process, or when a student is “initiated” into each of the symbols.

The word Ho’omanaloa is the energetic aspect of a much broader collection of practices now referred to as Huna which, in ancient times, were teachings that flourished as a system of personal development, healing, and spiritual discipline that was known by everyone in any given community. Ho’omanaloa is derived from three Hawaiian words; ho’ o (meaning to make), mana (meaning empowerment or to empower), and loa (meaning big, long, permanent, spreading). Loosely translated the process involves spreading one’s energy in order to empower oneself.

Each family developed their own unique practices in ancient times that were handed down (within their family only) from generation to generation. The form we use at The Pain Relief Center has its foots in the geneology of the Bray family from Hawaii Island. Unlike Reiki there are 36 symbols in this work – each connecting the practitioner with a very specific type of energy and can be used by itself or in combination with other symbols.


At The Pain Relief Center we incorporate both Reiki and Ho’omanaloa in our unique system of bodywork called Integrated Modalities Bodywork.

Energywork is an integral part of that system and enables our work to be more effective and have a longer lasting effect.

It’s always flowing freely – as a natural part of the work… but it can also be more focused and intentional. It’s also great for clients who, for whatever reason, can’t tolerate the challenges of Bodywork.

Call/text (808) 386-6763 or our website and discover the amazing effects of energywork on making you feel more comfortable in your body.


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