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A Word About Cupping

If you watched the last Summer Olympics, you probably saw the round bruise-like spots on swimmer Michael Phelps. Those marks were the by-products of cupping, a practice that’s been around for centuries. While there’s evidence that cupping was used by the...

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The Truth About Trigger Points

When people think of painful “knots” in their muscles, most often those knots are actually trigger points. Trigger points are focused areas of hyperirritability always located in a taut muscle band. When there are just a few, the person is generally just...

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More About Myofascial Pain

As you’ve learned in our blog "What's The Deal With Pain?” there are three general sources of pain; visceral, structural, and myofascial. Dealing with either visceral or structural pain is out the scope of practice for Bodyworker and is best treated by a...

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Massage vs. Bodywork…What’s The Difference?

It’s really common for new bodywork clients coming into The Pain Relief Center to tell us “Nobody’s ever worker on me like that,” or “I’ve never had a massage like that.” We generally just smile (we’ve heard it before) and inform them that what we do isn’t...

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What’s The Deal With Pain?

Living in pain sucks! Neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, sciatica, headaches...any way you look at it, pain can put a real crimp in your lifestyle. But it doesn't have to be that way. Let me explain what I mean. Pain is a red flag; it means something’s...

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