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About The Center

Established in 1998, The Pain Relief Center is committed to helping clients manage their myofascial pain and feel more comfortable in their bodies through massage.

The Pain Relief Center is an oasis of calm in the heart of Kapahulu. Step through the front door and the hustle and bustle of life…the stress you deal with… the pain and discomfort you’re living with… all disappear.

Founder George Davis has developed Integrated Modalities Bodywork, an incredibly effective massage and bodywork technique that combine Western, Eastern, and Energetic modalities into one unique process.

From elite athletes to couch potatoes, anyone can benefit from regular and consistent massage and bodywork. If you want to manage your myofascial pain and feel more comfortable in your body, then IMB is for you!

At The Pain Relief Center our mission is to spread the word that you don’t have to live with myofascial pain – regular Massage and Bodywork is the solution for feeling more comfortable in your body!

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