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“This is REAL Bodywork, not just massage. If you have something that hurts, you need to come here. The results are AMAZING!!!”

Tiana K

“I went to the Pain Relief Center to get some help with my calf and Achilles problems. I will definitely be returning to work on some others painful areas that I was just going to live with.”

Michael B.

“Getting older is definitely not easy! It takes work to stay relatively pain free, mobile and able to do the things I want to do. I wouldn’t be able to do it without regular massage and bodywork.”

Pat D.

“An avid swimmer, I used to suffer from chronic shoulder, neck and back pain. Since I started going to The Pain Relief Center I have been pain free… which has shown with my swim times!”

Rick B.

Bodywork That Works

Massage is part of bodywork, but bodywork is so much more than that. Learn more about us and how we can help you feel great.

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Whether you’re suffering from a sports, car, or work related injury…or just want to be more comfortable in your body…massage can help!

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Our massage has helped tens of thousands of clients – literally! Hear for yourself what some of our clients say about how we’ve helped them.

The Master Bodywork Workshop and Apprenticeship Program is an academic and real-world training experience designed not only to train massage therapists, but to give them the skills and understanding they need to reach their true potential.
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